About us

Hello there, I’m Emily and I absolutely love the golden hours of the morning! You’ll occasionally see me sipping away on a hot cup of tea in one hand and my laptop in the other! I absolutely love desserts! Making them, baking them and eating them! (Mostly eating them haha).I’m the author, recipe creator, and food photographer of this blog! I’m also a very blessed wife, this hobby wouldn’t exist without my handsome hubby! He’s the brains and the developer of this blog! (Can’t take all the credit for myself!!)Here, you’ll find countless healthy recipes for you and your beautiful family to share. I strongly believe that good conversations start over good food! And I enjoy coming up with recipes to make your family life as enjoyable, compassionate, and full of laughter as ever! So pull up a chair, grab a cookie and make yourselves at home!

THE STORY BEHIND Spoonfulofthyme

This blog had a very unusual beginning! I was never into cooking or baking up until I was about 16. Sure, I enjoyed making cookies and muffins, but that’s not what I considered as my passion. Soon after my high school graduation, I get enrolled into Culinary School, never really thinking too much about it. A few days in, and I grew to love every second of it! I begin making my first couple of posts on instagram for the fun of it, never really thinking where it will lead me. Needless to say, I was hooked! And to make it even more bizarre, I met and married my husband the following year. He’s the one who slowly encouraged me to start up a blog. I began by writing devotionals, but shortly after, I redirected my interests. I always enjoyed looking at food photography and making delicious desserts for family and friends. So I set out to write my first recipe. Having taken a few creative writing classes all through out my schooling, I fell in love with the concept of creating. My husband very quickly helped me change my blog from devotionals to food. The name RadiantWalk suits this food blog well. In 2004, my sister was diagnosed with diabetes. She was only 4 years old. My family was always the type to eat anything and all things good. Sugary sweets, soda's, and a whole lot of white bread. We never really had a second thought on our health. In 2012, another one of my sisters was diagnosed with diabetes as well. I can't really say that our diet took away our health, but after new problems started occurring in my family, I slowly realized that there was more to life than just snacking all day with sugary donuts and a secret stash of chocolate. In 2018, I married the love of my life, and thus, entered a new chapter of healthy eating! My husband is also a diabetic, and without his help of constantly raising awareness of my unhealthy habits, this wouldn't have been possible. With each passing day, I made sure to start our day with radiance and a firm walk with Jesus Christ. I'm a firm believer that our diet and what we put into our mouths has a big impact in our lives. With that said, that's how RadiantWalk came into the picture.


I started this blog to encourage you to have a little extra fun in your kitchen! I try to make these recipes as easy and simple as I possible! Bringing you healthy(ish) recipes to your table! I know, I, myself, have a major problem with sweets! I just can’t stop eating them! But after a little bit of research, (which goes a long way in my household!) I found that you can still enjoy your sweets and still have a healthy lifestyle! How cool is that?! I try to share fresh, homey, healthy, family-friendly, and easy recipes during my free-time. Hearing your children laugh around the dinner table or getting compliments from the hubs, is what I strive for! There’s nothing better than eating and cooking from home! And adding a little radiance to your step!


I enjoy waking up earlier to have a cup of hot tea and curling up on the couch with my laptop! We live in Florida and super close to the beach! (A dream come true:)) Some days, when the sun isn’t so angry, I love to stroll down the beach barefoot and take some pictures if I’m lucky. We attend a local church here in North Port and strive to walk in love and live our lives by the word of God and the life of Jesus Christ.