Coffee Gift Ideas for a Coffee Lover

With the holidays finally behind us, and the new year upon us, you would think that gifting people is over and now it’s time to sit back and relax, right? Who are you kidding?! The aftermath of Christmas often comes with fussy kids and stressed out husbands! And not to mention yourself! It gets harder everyday to find time to yourself and plan out the new year and the countless birthdays that come with it! (The list gets longer as we speak!)

Speaking of gifts, I know I’m not the only one with loved ones in her life who has coffee loving peeps! I can name at least five at the top of my head right now. And let’s admit, they’re not just coffee lovers, but coffee addicts! They don’t just want coffee, they want the best coffee. Haha.

With that being said, they are probably one of the hardest people to shop for! Luckily, I too have had this problem and decided to write a list of things that I could share with you.

There is always something unique and cozy you could add to the mix of their love for coffee. And I’m hoping I can provide a few ideas here. These little gifts could be for a parent, spouse, children, friends and/or relatives.

Here’s a nice bible verse to go along with your search:
“Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.”
-Psalms 37:4


1. Maybe you have someone who enjoys trying all things coffee and wouldn’t mind getting a box filled with different assortments and flavors of coffee? With the Blend Box assortments, they carefully choose the perfects blends and create a cute little box for you or your loved one to try! The coffee is so smooth and refreshing.

For any last minute shoppers, Bean Box is also a great gift idea. They have also created a cute little Gourmet Coffee Sampler which is available on amazon prime:)

2. Who doesn’t love Coffee Mugs?! You can go as cute and funny, to as simple and plain as you want to! There’s no restrictions and the possibilities are endless.

3. Foam Maker/Frother are such an incredible gift! They run on batteries and can literally be used in anything besides coffee. A friend of mine has one, and believe me, it’s pretty neat! It’s probably something that would be a gift one would not think about getting themselves.

4. Get them a Wooden Coffee Scoop With Bag Clip. It’s the most genius thing anyone has ever thought of! They can be used as a seal for their coffee bag and serve as a scoop for instant coffee, (or if they have reusable k-cups for the keurig.) This gift may be small, but its so useful, and I love gifting useful things:)

5. You can get them Banned Coffee. The worlds Strongest coffee! It has great taste and believe it or not, but it is naturally full of vitamins and minerals. So they won’t just get a delicious cup of bold dark coffee but a cup of healthiness as well! And let’s admit that the name sounds just as cool!

6. If you’re okay going out of your budget, and want to wow your coffee friends and family, I’d get them the Nespresso Espresso Machine. The model linked is a great gift. Not only is it budget friendly, it’t the smallest in the Nespresso line up and still known to get the same job and quality done.

“Today’s Good Mood is Sponsored by God’s Word and (decaf) Coffee”
Happy Shopping for the Coffee Lover in Your Life!