Prayer Journaling


First, grab a cup. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee. Choose your favorite spot in your house. Sit down, and just breath! I absolutely love sitting on my couch in the living room! Or even on my cozy bed! Just be careful not to fall asleep! Believe me, you’ll get tempted!


The things you’ll need are quite simple:

  • A notebook
  • Pens or Pencils
  • Your favorite bible
  • (Optional) and Sticky Notes

Prayer Journaling is something I used to do constantly when I was still single. I didn’t have a closet to build my own war room (the cons of having to share a room!) so I just used what I had on hand and started journaling.

Right now, I have a pretty good record of having six different journals! I know some of you probably have more than I do! (Comment how many journals you have!) In two of my recent journals, I have filled with many prayers. One thing I’ve found to be pretty neat about having so many journals is that it never gets old to look back through them! Sometimes I like to flip through some of them and remind myself about the girl I used to be. And goodness! I was terribly shy with a new crush every week! Many pages are filled with secrets that I whispered into God’s ears. While many others contained unreachable dreams, desires, and worries. But one thing I noticed is that I wrote down Every. Little. Detail. I wrote what was in my heart and didn’t keep a single thing unwritten.


Many girls I know despise writing. But most girls I know wouldn’t mind getting creative:)

When I was younger, my parents built me and my sister a club house. And I remember every day after school, I’d take all my stuff and head over to that playground. I spent hours doodling and making origami. It was my happy place where I could be anyone I wanted to be.


Maybe you’re like me who needs to get away for a bit to get your thoughts together. Knowing myself, I can’t seem to think straight in the noise! So I would look for a happy place. Over the years, my happy place changed from the playground to a secluded area in the library, lol. Your options are literally limitless! Go to Starbucks, a Park, Panera Bread, even a Library like I did. Or if you have yet to get your license, go outside and sit in the shade! Or a quiet room in your house. Those always seemed to do the trick for me.

If you’re often stuck on what to write about, my favorite go-to social media’s are Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube. We are so blessed to have these wonderful resources right at our fingertips! And the coolest thing is, you can use your favorite multicolored pens for this!

Here are a couple examples from my own journals:



Though I never had the greatest penmanship, Writing always seemed to ease my mind. But one thing I always did, was throw away my old writings!! Believe me, it’s a bad habit! Keep your old writing, quotes, lyrics, or anything else you have in your journal. In a decade, you’d want to look back and see how far you’ve come. I started seeing my old work as a form of time-travel. I realized how much my views and thoughts changed and just how much I’ve grown in the Lord. So keep your chicken scratch at thirteen, you won’t regret it:)