Brown Sugar Cold Foam Coffee

Have you ever had brown sugar in your coffee?? It's just divine! This coffee is smooth, boldly flavored, and will (hopefully) become a warm weather (or year around) staple!

I've been asked on several occasions if I'm a tea drinker, or a coffer drinker. Well, I'm both! But since having a little one, I've been needing my morning coffee! Especially this Brown Sugar Cold Foam Coffee. It's so good and really simply to make!

Cold Brew Basics

I rarely order iced coffee from coffee shops anymore. After noticing how badly my stomach reacted to their coffee, I set out on a journey to figure out a way to have coffee without making my stomach feel like knot. And believe me, making homemade coffee, especially homemade cold brew did the trick!

When I first heard about cold brew, I really didn't think too much about it. I mean, isn't refrigerated hot coffee the same thing? WRONG. Cold brew is much more complex and so much more balanced, and it's not bitter at all! Which I love! And while it does take a bit of work, it's an incredibly easy process and well worth the effort!

When making cold brew, there isn't any heat involved, and all you need is time and ground coffee beans. The jar will sit out at room temperature for at least 12 hours, but I highly recommend refrigerating overnight.

With a good cold brew system, you'll always have a good cup of cold brew every morning! And the flavors are totally customizable! Click here, for the cold brew jar and sieve we use for our cold brew. And here, for the coffee grinder we have, if you're planning to grind your own coffee.

What You'll Need

  • Coffee, like Cold Brew
  • Half and Half, or any milk you prefer
  • Brown Sugar
  • Ice

Tip and Tricks

  • If you prefer stronger coffee taste, use less milk than ice. And/or cut down on the sugar.
  • All ingredients could be made ahead, and refrigerated, if you prefer.
  • Hot brewing coffee then cooling, about 15 minutes, will take less time than cold brewing coffee, which takes 12+ hours. Of course, I recommend buying cold brew, than cooling down hot coffee.

Common Questions

  • What kind of coffee should I use? You could use any coffee that you desire, such as Instant, Espresso, or Keurig. But if you'd like yours to taste like mine, I'd rather you buy cold brew, or make your own cold brew.
  • How do I make this with Instant Coffee? Use 2 tsp of instant coffee and 1/3 cup of water and stir to dissolve.
  • Do I have to use Brown Sugar? No, but then it won't be Brown Sugar Cold Foam Coffee. Using other sweeteners like, honey, maple syrup, or date syrup, will give you a different taste, but are good alternatives.
  • What kind of milk do I use? I used half and half, because it froths us easier, but feel free to use regular milk, any milk alternatives like, oat milk or almond milk. Both will still froth up beautifully.
  • Can I cut down on the sugar? Absolutely! You can put in 2 tsp of brown sugar, instead of 1 tbsp, for example.

Other Drink To Try

Prep time:
5 minutes
Cook time:
5 minutes
Chill time:
Total time:
10 minutes
1 Serving


  • 1 tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 1/3 cup Half and Half
  • 1 cup Cold Brew
  • Ice


  1. Using an electric frother or a hand held frother, froth together your brown sugar, and the half and half.
  2. Fill your cup with ice and cold brew.
  3. Add your brown sugar cold foam on top of the cold brew. Mix and enjoy!

Recipe notes

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